Saturday, 9 April 2011


Every evening  a blackbird sings his heart out from a roof top above our garden. His song captures my heart in a net of sweetness and steel. It is lifted high above all the noise and hastle and flies straight to heaven like a bubble of air reaching for the surface. I love that blackbird and I love his heavenly song. Gold or diamonds or virtual money in a bank cannot buy such transcient beauty.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Bodnant April

a load of blooming daffodils shimmying and shaking in the breeze

I went to Bodnant Gardens on Saturday with a friend to have a mellow wander in a not so wild but still very beautiful place. Bodnant is a BIG Country House pile and it's gardens are open to the public for a not so very small fee but it's worth it. I had borrowed a camera to try so most of my photos are a bit rubbish..but these are okish.

nearly fell in taking this
notice the pile of cameras and photographers at the bottom of the waterfall
I love Hellebores...because I am a  helluvabore
saw this in June 2010 (size of a saucer)
it's called this..i bought a plant and it's already planted
Laburnam Arch in June 2010..the colour, smell and buzzing bees is a dreamy trip