Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Back to Bardesy March 2012

 I've been to Bardsey again this weekend with paddling pals and we left (after having a cappuccino and cake at beach cafe) from Porth Oer on the west side of the Lleyn Penninsula, Wales.
Porth Oer is known for it's Whistling Sands as when you walk on the dry sand it squeaks under your feet
My Steed - ready and waiting

 The sea was really lively on the way out to the island as it was a spring tide..if I was brave enough I could have put photos here of the huge tripod waves I rode but I'm afraid all you get to see is the calm water once we reached the island as my grip was firmly on my paddle.

We bobbed about a bit before landing to see if the seals felt like coming over to say hello but they were a bit shy today.

Sea Dog

We landed back on Aberdaron beach on the east coast of the Lleyn Penninsula after a whacky ferry glide across a 6 knot tide that battled to take us to Pembroke so we had to aim for the west side of the headland to ensure we landed at destination. The Gwylan Islands are in the backround.