Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wild Garden

No paddling again this weekend due to wild wind so I spent a delicious day in my garden growing weeds. It's taken me years to get a balance of shape and accidental looking design - planting 'civilised plants' along side nettles, thistle, teasel,  cow parsely, cowslip, burdock, dockleaf, red clover etc.
During the day the usual crew pop in for a song and a bite to eat and some have a quick splash in the bath. My favourite at the moment are Mr and Mrs Blackbird along with a very freckely baby that they can't seem to fill.
I potted up 2 blueberry bushes, set 2 planters with 'stripes' of basil, rocket, parsely, coriander. I also set my second batch of radish and beetroot- the first radishes are hot and spicy and shared with a creature that mines brown tunnels into them...but there enough for both of us. i can't wait to try roasting my first beetroot with rosemary and olive oil.
I replanted white and blackthorn to fill a wide gap in my hedgegrow alongside a well establish hazel, laurel, holly, beech, honeysuckle and dogrose...some dormice feasted on the hazel nuts last year and I was delighted to have them and hope they stay a while.
I sprinkled scaboius, greater birdfoot trefoil, aubreitia, red champion, burdock, wild garlic mustard and a variety of seeds collected during walks so I hope my little garden will have space for more and bugs, bees, bats, butterflies, anything that crawls or creep moves in.
...hope the wind drops soon..much as I love my garden I am overdue a wide open sea.